How much does UIF pay for maternity leave?

  • you may qualify for maternity benefits if you are taking time off work after having a baby
  • you must apply within 12 months after the birth of your child
  • you must be receive less than your normal salary whilst on maternity leave and can claim the shortfall
  • you can claim benefits for a maximum of 4 months
  • 66% of your income will be replaced. However, this is capped at R11 690 per month
  • you must have been employed for at least 13 weeks

UI maternity benefit calculator 20223/24

Find out how much UIF will pay you during your maternity leave with this free, online UIF maternity calculator.

UIF Maternity Benefits Calculator 2022
60%of your salaray will be covered by your employer whilst your are on maternity leave.
This means there is a monthly shortfall of R0, which UIF will partly cover.

How is the UIF maternity benefit calculated?

Here are the steps
  • determine your monthly shortfall in Rands between your normal salary and what your employer will pay you
    Monthly shortfall = (100% -[% of your salary covered by employer]) x your monthly salary = (100% - 60%) x R24,000 = R0
  • UIF pays a flat 66% rate x R0 for 4 months
    UIF monthly maternity payment = 66% x monthly shortfall = 66% x R0 = R0 per month


What documents do you need when applying for UIF maternity benefits?

  • your South African ID, passport or asylum seekers permit
  • authorisation form to pay benefits into your banking account UI-2.8 form
  • remuneration received whilst on maternity leave UI-2.7 form
  • application for maternity benefits form UI-2.3 form
  • doctor’s certificate for expected birth date, or after child birth, the birth certificate
  • follow-up UI-4 form will be issued

all these forms are available at the Department of labour website Or you can click on the links above for convenience.

Can you apply for maternity benefits online?

Yes. You can apply online for UIF maternity benefits at the UIF’s uFiling website

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