How much money will I get from UIF if I am unemployed?

  • you may qualify for unemployment benefits if you were retrenched
  • you will receive a % of your income
  • benefits are paid up to 365 days
  • the % of your income you get ranges between 38-58% for the first 8 months and then falls to 20% for the remaining 4 months
  • the maximum monthly payout is capped at R6’638 per month (based on a maximum salary of R17.7k)

the UIF amount you get depends on

  1. your average salary whilst you were employed
  2. how long you have been employed for

UIF calculator 2023/24 for unemployment benefits

Find out how much and for how long UIF will pay you with this free, online UIF unemployment benefits calculator.

UIF Benefits Calculator
Over the last four years, you were employed for 24 months = 2.0 years
You earned R10,000 per month on average.

What documents do you need when applying for UIF unemployment benefits?

  • your South African ID, passport or asylum seekers permit
  • your last six payslips
  • authorisation form to pay benefits into your banking account UI-2.8 form
  • your previous employer needs to complete a UI-19 form
  • you will need register with the Department of Labour as a work seeker and bring proof of registration as a work seeker
  • a fully completed registration form

On a monthly basis,

  • you need to submit a UI 6A form


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