Income tax calculator (Updated for 2024/25 tax year)?

  • how much tax will you pay on your salary in South Africa?
  • find out with the SARS income tax calculator updated for 2024/25 tax year
Income Tax Calculator (updated for 2024/25 tax year)

Do you need to register for income tax?

If your income exceeds the tax thresholds, then you will need to register as a tax payer with SARS.

Do you need to submit a tax return for the 2024/25 tax year?

You do not need to submit a tax return if

  • your employment income was less than R500 000 in a year
  • you did not receive any allowance - such as travel allowance - from your employer
  • you were only employed by one employer
  • the total amount of interest received is less than R23’800 if you are younger than 65 or less than R34’500 if you are older than 65


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